21 Day Metabolic Reset :

This is a 21 Day reset for those who may not want to do the 30-90 programs. Maybe you want to get into bathing suit shape or lose a few pounds for a wedding. This is an easy to follow 21 Day program to get your metabolism and health RESET.


  • Blood Analysis
  • 21 Day done for you eating guidelines
  • 1 follow up with Dr. Monias (in person or Virtually)

Weight loss: 30-90 day programs:

The process:

  1. Consultation with the doctor
  2. Body Composition Analysis (BCA) :The most complete assessment of your weight loss goals.  This process measures critical factors with up to 99.9% accuracy by assessing the speed of various impulses as they pass through the body. (-BMI, Body Fat & Fat %, Body Water & Water %, Visceral Fat, Metabolic Age)
  3. Plan Of Action: the doctor will design a specific 30-60 plan for your body based on the scans. You will receive a Food journal, all supplements needed etc, to ensure your success!
  4. Follow up visits with the doctor for accountability!

Functional Health Care:

Dr Monias is an expert in functional health care and offers a much more detailed approach to patients who may need deeper protocols. IF you are suffering from conditions like MS, Thyroid, Chronic Fatigue, skin disorders, fibromyalgia, gut/stomach disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., Dr Monias has had great responses through her functional protocols. If you suffer from chronic conditions such as these, our Functional health care programs may be the solution for you! DrSusanMonias.com

C.R.E.A.T.E the New You and Start Today.

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