We understand there are a multitude of weight loss programs out there and your number one question will be:
How is your program different from all the others out there??

The first difference is that our program is not just a weight loss program it’s a new health care paradigm. If you body is holding weight on it, there is sickness on the inside. Our program does not focus on the common buzzwords used in weight loss; it’s not about calorie counting, pills, caffeine, drugs, hormone replacements or even exercise. It is  about YOUR specific body and what is causing YOUR body to hold weight on it. It is about balancing weight loss hormones and your body’s chemistry so it can function more optimally so the weight falls off as a natural side effect of the corrections made.

We take a functional approach to weight loss and creating health. We use testing to find out what your interferences are so that we can remove them clearing the path for healthy natural weight loss. Your next question may be, what are the interferences? They can be food sensitivities, toxins, chemicals, inflammation, heavy metals, and blood  sugar irregularities, broken down metabolism caused by years of dieting. We measure all these things along with body fat %, muscle mass, metabolic age, visceral fat and cellular hydration. Scale weight doesn’t mean anything and it is the number one measure of success in the common weight loss program. We don’t want you to just lose weight we want you to gain health on the inside allowing your body to return to it’s normal weight range.

Does MyFunctionalHealthcare.com accept
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How much weight could I expect to lose?

Do you give any pills, shots or hormone replacements?

Do you use packaged foods?

How long does the program last?