Founded in 2017, Atlanta Integrative Wellness Centers, has already helped hundreds of patients regain their health, happiness and vitality. In this short time, Atlanta Integrative Wellness Centers has already become one of the leading functional medicine clinics in the state of Georgia.

Our doctors and team are leading a Health Revolution, advancing a new model of health care that focuses on empowering the body to heal instead of becoming a victim of disease! Our team of health professionals are dedicated to helping you get your life back, naturally, effectively and safely by providing cutting edge treatments utilizing the latest in specific and scientific Functional Healthcare.  


1. We believe that the human body was designed to be a self healing, self regulating organism that is controlled by an innate intelligence that is beyond our understanding.  The problem is most standard medical care tries to overpower or manipulate this innate intelligence, instead of working with it, which leads to side effects and long term health issues.

2. We believe we were designed to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives. We are not just a victim of our genes. We were certainly created to express life in extreme abundance. Our bodies thrive when they are in a healthy environment, when we have good thoughts, good words and good actions.

3. We believe knowledge is power, but knowledge is only a benefit when coupled with massive committed action.  The biggest gap between the healthy vs. the unhealthy, is the access to the right information, the lack of proper action and the ability to apply it consistently.

4. We believe standard medical care is necessary and beneficial, for some, acute illness or injury but is fundamentally wrong when it comes to the creation and maintenance of true health.

5.  We believe, true health comes from the absence of stress.  Stress comes in four forms: Physical, emotional, environmental and biological.  When we are exposed to these stressors for a long period of time it can create a state of ‘Dis’- lack of, ‘Ease’- harmony. Lack of harmony can eventually lead to disease. In our office we have fashioned our care to embrace Thomas Edison’s quote “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and the prevention of disease.”

6. We believe in offering a world class health care team and process that helps people take back control of their health and enables them to design and create the lives they deserve. We believe in ongoing education, research and technology is a key in helping the people we serve.

7. We believe true health is a process. It does not come with one single event or finding a quick fix to a long term problem. Health is a process that requires goals, self discipline and consistency.

8. We believe in the relentlessness pursuit to become the best versions of ourselves in order to serve our patients at the highest level.

Dr. Tedder

Nicholas Tedder - CEO

Founded in 2017, Atlanta Integrative Wellness Centers, has already helped hundreds of patients regain their health and vitality even when told there was no answers. Since 2017, Atlanta Integrative Wellness Centers has already become one of the leading and most progressive functional medicine clinics in the southeast. Led by Educator, Author and Founder Nicholas Tedder D.C., our innovative team are providing answers and hope to those who are suffering to no end. Dr. Nick Tedder is one of the most sought out doctors in the southeast where patients travel from Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and even Korea to experience his expertise. Dr. Tedder has been featured in the Atlanta Journal, Gwinnett Daily Post, Gwinnett Magazine, the Braselton News, NBC, ABC and The Atlanta and company TV program. The reason Dr. Tedder and his team have a waiting list practice and patients are served from all over the world, is because of their ability to get to the root cause of their health crisis. We have a modern day epidemic in healthcare. The crisis we face today is that modern-day allopathic medicine, as well as, natural medicine only chase symptoms with medication and supplements rather than addressing the root cause of disease.

He and his wife have two children and currently live in Gwinnett County Georgia

Dr Susan

Dr. Susan Monias, Clinic Director

From the time I was in high school I knew I wanted my life to revolve around nutrition.  I have spent my entire life studying the latest book, articles and research. It wasn’t my career early on, but when the opportunity came for a new career path I headed straight  for chiropractic school. My health philosophy my entire life had been if you removed any interference in the body it will be healthy. Even with all the knowledge I had at the end of  my first year of chiropractic school I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I lost feeling and function in the right side of my body, my right eye was shut, I had vertigo, intense pain in my feet, thigh and the skin of my entire back. It felt like it was on fire all of the time.  I had debilitating fatigue, I couldn't get past 11 in the morning because I would have to go back to sleep. I brain fog, memory loss and loss of function in my right arm & Leg. It was time to put the philosophy I always believed in to its ultimate test. I refused all medicine and contacted a Doctor of Functional medicine  from my hospital bed. We did extensive testing to find out what my underlying root causes of this disease was in my body and began to correct them. Layer by layer I begin to regain function, pain subsided, memory returned and fatigue was gone. It took some time but I am healthier today then I was before my diagnosis. It is where my passion was born to learn all I could about functional medicine.  To protect my health, my families health and the health of everyone around me. The body is amazing and even through I was told that it could not be reversed and I would be in a wheel chair in 5 years. With functional medicine, it was reversed, I am not in a wheel chair, have more energy than I know what to do with. I am healthier now then I was years before my diagnosis. 

I believe my sickness put me on my path and purpose on this earth to help others realize they are not victims to a diagnosis or poor health at any level. The underlying cause can always be uncovered, removed, repaired, and restored without the use of drugs and/or surgery.  The body is absolutely amazing.  When the body is placed in the right environment with the right building blocks, then miracles can happen.

While restoring my health, I finished my doctorate and began my study of functional medicine.  

Dr. Monias completing over 400 postgraduate hours in the study of functional medicine, blood chemistry analysis and clinical nutrition. She has helped hundreds of people regain their health, hope and life through functional medicine.

Dr. Monias and her husband currently live in Atlanta Georgia. In her spare time Dr. Monias loves to travel, camp and be outdoors with her family.

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